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Document Guide for Introduction to Koiné Greek

Introduction to Koiné Greek is a unique new approach to learning the Greek originally used to write the New Testament. The course takes the student very quickly into translating the Bible. Most of the concepts used in translation are then learned by example while the student is also gaining new insights into God's beautiful words.

This course contains everything you will need to translate the entire First Epistle of John into English. It includes a copy of the Greek text and all the reference materials necessary to render it into sensible English. Although designed to be used for home schooled High School students it may be used equally well as a self-study guide for adults or in a classroom. The methodology used will work with Hebrew as well, albeit you will need different references materials for the Old Testament.

Lessons to Download

Click below to download printable version of lesson materials.

To Get Started:
Lesson Guide 1 (The student will begin here.)
Exercise Answers
Quizzes & Tests
Reference Sheets
Teacher's Guide (If you are the teacher or self taught, start with this.)

Later you will need:
Lesson Guide 2
Lesson Guide 3
Translation Hints 1
Translation Hints 2
Translation Hints 3
Translation Guide 1
Translation Guide 2
Translation Guide 3

The Materials

For the Student:
The Lesson Guides are the main booklets for the student to use. It is divided into 180 lessons to conform to the usual school year. The first six lessons are the alphabet and pronunciation. Lessons 7 through 41 are grammar and guidelines for using the Reference Booklet. Lessons 42 to 180 are about translating the one hundred and five verses of First John.

The Reference Booklet contains the Greek text of First John, a Parsing Guide, various study aids and charts, and a Lexicon. Translation is a two step process - Parsing and Rendering. The Translation Hints are for use with the first step and the Translation Guides are for use with the last step. You won't need these until you actually begin to translate First John in lesson 42. The Exercise Answers may or may not need to be held by the teacher until needed depending on how responsible the student is. It has the answers to all the exercises in the Lesson Guides. An irresponsible student might just copy his work from it instead of attempting to do it himself and then checking it. That would hinder learning considerably.

For the Teacher:
This Teacher's Guide and the answers to the quizzes and tests are in this Teacher's Guide booklet. The quizzes and tests are in a separate booklet. Please feel free to make copies of the exercises, quizzes, and tests as long as they are only for one student to use and re-use. If you are adapting these materials for classroom use, you may also make copies of the quizzes and tests if that is easier than managing all the student's quizzes and tests booklets.

Additional Materials
Besides paper and pencil everything that will be needed is in these course materials. However, it is recommended that you also make flash cards out of index cards to assist in memorizing the alphabet and the vocabulary words. As part of the learning process the student should make these cards for their own use each time they encounter a new letter or a new vocabulary word in the Lesson Guides. See page 49 of the Reference Materials for card preparation instructions.

There has been a request from homeschoolers for a second year of study materials for Koiné Greek. I have begun to develop this and expect it to be complete by the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. You are welcome to begin using them at any time as I will be posting them as they become available. See Practicing Koiné Greek